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Crossings Solo Exhibit August 2019

Crossings is a metaphor, not only for travel, but also for shape shifting between the viewer and that which is viewed. This is a body of work I began four years ago, when I was searching for new ways to express a more personal and sensory experience of the elements we call landscape. In my crossing to Ireland, I also learned to travel between realism and abstraction, and discovered the unforeseen ways in which a powerful place can shape and call forth new work. I’ve returned frequently over the past few years to the coast of northwestern Ireland. My fascination with the Irish coastal landscape is in its mutability, where elements shift and transform in unexpected ways. Water seeps and pools up through a rich tapestry of bog. Ancient stone rings rise up through the surfaces of fields. Sky, sea and land seem to layer over and under each other endlessly to the horizon. Orderly fields sweep out onto cliffs where surf pounds and pummels beneath. Fog hangs in transparent curtains along a sunlit road. A mist rises from a brook, gathers itself into lifelike form, then evaporates. The fluidity of these constantly shifting elements is an invitation to try and catch an image between states. In working with the riddle of this Irish imagery, I am also working with larger concepts of presence and absence, and presence that is felt even if unseen. Most of this work was created from memory and is therefore an inner landscape of my own devising. I invite you to step out of time with me and into this rare and special place, as I resurrect the essence of its elements using paint, wax, dried pigments, Irish sand, and peat ash from a homely hearth far away. ~ Cindy Stapper August 2019


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