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Cindy Stapper’s contemporary landscape paintings reflect her fascination with elemental forces, and the unexpected associations and subtle contrasts present in nature. In her recent work, painting surfaces are composed of oil, cold wax, powdered pigments and natural materials that are layered and excavated to reveal hidden depths of color and texture. Her current body of work is a rumination on presence and absence, the power of landscape to reveal unknown aspects of ourselves, and the rare and special landscapes that become part of our personal geography, with imagery based on the poignant, fluid, and ephemeral northwest coast of Ireland.

Cindy Stapper was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, where she attended college at Trinity University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in fine art. She later received a law degree from the University of Houston, and has practiced law in Texas for a number of years. A lifelong artist, the primary inspiration for her work is the beauty and power of the natural world. Since 2007, she has divided her time between Texas and her mountain home of Northern New Mexico, whose vast rugged beauty honed her development as a professional artist. Her recent work has taken a more exploratory and personal direction, though still grounded in elements of place. She began exhibiting professionally in 2007 and her work is held in collections throughout the United States.







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